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What we offer
(Exotic aromatic rice with saffron)

Curry Chawal
(Coconut curry served with basmati rice)

(Spicy lentils served with spiced basmati rice infused with caramelized onions)

Dhan dal
(plain yellow lentil served with basmati rice)

(Spicy aromatic basmati rice with saffron)

Kolmi no Pulao
(Spicy aromatic basmati rice with shrimp, saffron and yogurt)

Kofta Pulao
(Spicy aromatic basmati rice with meat balls)

Tarkari Pulao
(Spicy aromatic basmati rice with mixed vegetables)

Kolmi ni Khichadi
(Basmati Rice and lentil mix with spiced shrimp)

(All of the above can be cooked with mutton, lamb,
chicken or fish)