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What we offer
Tareli Machhi
(Fried filet of spicy fish)
Fish Cutlets
(Mild breaded fried fish)
Patra ni machHi
(Fish steamed with green coconut chutney)
Machhi NO Patio
(Fish in a sweet and sour onion and tomato gravy)
Machhi no Ras
(Fish in a spiced tomato gravy)

Machhi ni Curry
(Fish in a spiced coconut gravy)
Machhi no Saas
(Fish in an aromatic sweet/sour white sauce)
Kolmi na kawab
(Spiced shrimp fritters)
Tareli kolmi
(Fried shrimp with spices)
Kolmi ne Papeta
(Shrimp with potatoes)
Kolmi ne Bhaji
(Shrimp with spinach)
Kolmi nu Achar
(Spicy pickled shrimp)